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Unusually colorful sea cucumber

Sea cucumbers are deep sea-dwelling animals that owe their shape to endoskeletons below the skin. These endoskeletons have the peculiar property of being liquefacient; when a sea cucumber is in danger, it can essentially liquefy itself and slip through minuscule spaces, then re-harden when safe from harm’s way. Its transmutable nature presents a special challenge in containing it within aquariums that have large pumps or filtration systems.

Liquefacient (pronounced “lik-wih-FAY-shent”)

1. a substance that liquefies or causes liquefaction
2. *becoming or causing to become liquid


From Latin liquere, “be fluid”, plus facere, “to make”.


Wikipedia: Sea Cucumber |   Photo by: laszlo-photo

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    dude I thought that was a really awkwardly shaped chocolate chip cookie at first. ugh.

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