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Qataris are renowned for their impetuous driving habits. The U.S. State Department brushes aside crime, violence, and political upheaval in its Crime and Safety Report to focus on reckless driving, reading:

“Driving in Qatar is likened to participating in an extreme sport; drivers often maneuver erratically and at high speed, demonstrate little road discipline or courtesy, fail to turn on their headlights during hours of darkness or inclement weather, and do not use seat belts – all resulting in a high vehicular accident rate (in excess of 70,000 annually). In fact, traffic fatalities are Qatar’s leading cause of death”.

Impetuous (pronounced im-PECH-oo-us)

1. *Characterized by sudden and forceful energy or emotion; impulsive and passionate.
2. Having or marked by violent force: impetuous, heaving waves.


From Latin impetus, meaning “attack, assault, onset, impulse”.


rash, vehement, unrestrained


Overseas Security Advisory Council |   Photo by: jonycunha

2 Comments on “Impetuous”

  1. 1 BigWords88 said at 6:51 pm on February 21st, 2010:

    I thought bad driving was the specialty of Italian drivers… There are so many stories concerning the road circling the Colosseum that Italy could (and should) be seen as one of the most dangerous places to drive in Europe, if not the world – it would terrify even the most hardened of New York taxi drivers. The language Italian drivers come out with when they believe someone is a worse driver than they are is unbelievable, their hand gestures always exaggerated.

  2. 2 Brad said at 6:28 am on February 22nd, 2010:

    I have read how insane driving in Rome can be in Bill Bryson’s “Neither Here nor There”. I shudder to imagine it; I like a nice, calm, straight drive. I just used Qatar because I like how they compared it to “participating in an extreme sport”. Plus, Qatar has only really been the place it is for a decade or so, right? They need time to catch up.

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