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Dear Readers,

I started this site in January and it has grown to the modest yet encouraging number of 260 subscribers. I am happy to have had your readership during this time. However, I am going to start recirculating more of previous posts rather than creating new ones. With the meager amount I am making from this site, it is wiser for me to spend my time on other things.


However, I hope that many of you will stick around. Those who have not been around since the site’s inception will still see a lot of “new” content. I will also be adding the etymology of each word to add to its repeat-viewing value. This should help drive in the words’ meanings and provide some interesting trivia. If nothing else, repetition is the key to learning, right?

Perhaps in the future, if the site starts to pick up, I will start adding more words. Until then, why not pass it on to some friends? There is a “ShareThis” icon under each post through which you can easily send it to others via email, facebook, twitter, or any number of social networks. You can also write comments, or practice using the words in your own contextual sentences in the comment space. The wordpress platform this site uses is designed for readers to write on it, too.


I am also  interested in hearing any feedback you might have. Who are you, and why do you read this site? Do you have suggestions for improvement or other big ideas? Just click through the title to write your comments on the bottom of the page.

Thanks, and have a great, felicitous day.

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